Organic Search Results

Importance of Organic Search Ranking for Businesses

With our ubiquitous technological environment, it seems like the possibilities are endless. In a mere three seconds, we can type any question into Google that leaves us bewildered and receive an informative response instantaneously. While the power of technology is promising, it’s also important to be aware of the results you’re greeted with. Most users aren’t aware, but whenever you type a question into search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo, there are two types of results you’ll receive: organic and paid search engine.

Organic search presents the multitude of links that appear below the section of paid ads. This method of search is based on matching your keywords to those that are found in the links to pages, so it gives you the best and most valuable information. As a result, organic search creates an environment where users will find more relevant, reliable and reputable information that will make them stay on these pages for more extended periods of time. Organic search is a great way to build a consistent audience who’s interested in your content, creating more loyal users. In fact, Google reports that their first page of organic results receives 92 percent of all search traffic, exemplifying the importance of ranking better in organic search.

Ranking Better

First, you want to identify your target keywords. Since organic search is based on the relevancy of a user’s keywords, this is crucial. You want to include keywords that users would employ when searching for your specific product or service.

Second, it’s important to use keyword repetition. It’s advised to use important and defining keywords in your first 50 words of your web page or blog since it lets users know that your page is relevant to their search.

Writing compelling meta descriptions can enhance your possibility of garnering a better rank. These little descriptions play a big role in getting clicks from users since users often read the descriptions to ensure that the content you’re presenting is relevant. You should aim to keep this description under 150 words for the sake of being brief and succinct.

How to Execute an Effective Organic Search Strategy

Hiring a consultant can help your business rank better in organic search since they specialize and are more knowledgeable in the field. They’re also more informed about the algorithms that change several times a day, making them better equipped to maximize your ranking. It can be very overwhelming to create an effective organic search strategy on your own, so hiring a consultant is the easiest and quickest way to get your website, and business ranked in search engines.

Organic search results are often more relevant to your search since it’s tailored to your keywords. Whether you’re looking for the best information or are looking to improve your business, organic search is a great way to achieve both.

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