How to Identify Unique Selling Points for Marketing Your Business

When it comes to online marketing, it’s important to know what parts of the business will attract customers. One of the keys to that is USP – Unique Selling Points. USP is what makes your business different from your competitors, and when it comes to online marketing, it’s what can generate the most search engine hits.

When you’ve found out what is unique about your business, working that into your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can make results for your business show up higher in the listing. Being at the top of the list makes it more likely that people seeking for a business like yours will click to see your webpage more often.

So how do you identify a USP? Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Know Your Competition. The more you know about businesses that are in the same industry, the faster you’ll be able to identify why your operation is unique. Having an in-depth knowledge of your competition helps you focus more on the things they don’t do, and it can give you leverage to steer customers to what you have to offer instead. Knowing what is different about your business is the definition of knowing what is unique.
  2. Know Where Your Business is Weak. If you know your competition, then competitors are likely learning about you too. It’s important to know where you’re weak so that they can’t take advantage of it. Along with that, it adds to your ability to find your USP by highlighting the aspects of your organization that are clearly not the best selling points.
  3. Understand What Needs Your Business Satisfies. While it’s obvious what your overall business provides, some of the incidental or specific needs that are fulfilled by your product or service may not be. Think like the customers that frequent your business or look at customer feedback to see what they say are the best aspects of what you provide. Knowing why they choose your company over your competitors will reveal your USP.
  4. Know Your Personality. When it comes to selling your business, you’re also selling yourself. Being able to infuse your personality into the business can be a unique factor, as no other business owner works, thinks or talks the same as you. Blend that in with your marketing and the business will certainly stand out from the crowd.
  5. Narrow Your Audience. While it may seem like you’re excluding possible customers, that isn’t always the case when you narrow the target you’re trying to reach. Not everyone is in the market for your product, so learning to hone in on those that will add to the Unique Selling Point your business offers.

Let me help you discover your USP and let’s get you out there on the SERPs!


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