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Hello! I’m Jesus Roquez. Senior Web Developer specializing in front/back-end development. Experienced in all stages of the development cycle for dynamic web projects. Well-versed in numerous programming languages including PHP, SQL, MySQL, HTML/CSS, and JQuery/Dojo, Javascript, background in project management and customer relations.

Simple is better than complex. Code is written once but read over and over, fewer lines are clearer  – Python Zen

Professional Skills

Finding Solutions

Currently Working On these technologies:

Flask, Python, Meteor - Latest Tech - Jesus RoquezFind those here: Python, Flask, and Meteor.js

Work Experience

2009- 2016

Burt and Associates

Full Stack developer

Worked as part of a multi-disciplinary team, carrying out ad-hoc tasks as requested by the IT Manager. Had a specific brief to ensure the websites build for customer’s precisely matched their requirements developers and marketers.

2010 - 2012


Web Developer and Web App

Creation of internal Web Application, getting SQL DB centralized with other platforms, check in patients, follow-up, record history of patients, calendar and scheduler and implementation of inventory

2004 - 2009

Profix Software

Systems Analyst / Web Developer

I was responable to create the site and SEO to promote service and products

2007 - 2009

Target Productions

Web Developer

I was responsible for working on a range of projects, designing appealing websites and interacting on a daily basis with graphic designers, back-end developers and marketers.

2004 - 2007


Web Developer

Web Developer and web applications for all types of clients; Dallas Library, Beacon Industries, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, among others



Custom Programming

Site and Maintenance

Web Apps and Ad-hoc Reports

Web Development

Web Design


2022 - 2026

Masters of Arts in Christian Studies

Dallas Theological Seminary

May 2018

Python: Getting Started



Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012

Collin College

1996 - 2003

Bachelor Electronics Engineering

Instituto Tecnológico de La Laguna

1992 - 1996

Computer Science


Something to Consider

Web Developer

16 years of Experience as a Web Developer and applications,
12 years of SEO,
9 years of DBA (SQL, Oracle SQL, MySQL)

  • PHP —Object Oriented concepts, traits, auto-loading, etc.
  • Bootstrap/CSS
  • Linux command-line— Knowledge of file system, permissions, basic networking, and other fundamentals
  • JavaScript Dojo & jQuery
  • Git —Basics and workflow
  • MySQL, MS SQL, and Oracle — Advanced indexing, normalization, and other database optimizations


Music Director

Currently, I’m a Music Director for Chase Oaks en Espanol, Located in Plano TX
Some cool things I do as MD:

  • Overseeing worship ministry and worship volunteers.
  • Oversight of worship set lists and providing music to band members and vocalists
  • Attend and hold monthly worship meetings with the team
  • Listen and discover new songs for the church to sing.
  • Coordinating the schedules of musicians and singers through planning center
  • Recruiting new band members and singers
  • Oversight of all musical moments
  • Contributing to the overall success of creative moments taking place on stage
  • In charge of all repairs, and purchases of musical equipment

Chase Oaks Espanol

From my Blog

My Interests

  • Bicycling
  • Watch Movies
  • Apologetics
  • Music
  • Brazilian Jui Jitsu
  • Sketching
  • Dogs

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