Now is better than Never -


Now is better than never.
Now is better than never - Jesus Roquez
Now is Better than Never – Python Zen – Jesus Roquez

I’m a 40 something-year-old, often I find myself organizing my time where I can get the most benefit, and balance life with two kids and a lovely wife can be challenging.
If you spend time doing something, more likely is that you are robbing time for some other thing. As for me, God and Family come first, then everything else.

But the dilemma is what I do with the time I can spare? Some of my decisions look like;

  • 30 min, two days in the week. Study the songs for the worship service
  • 5 classes of BJJ and 2 of Muy Tai a week
  • 2 hours a week learning new technologies, currently Vue.js and NetOps
  • 1 sketch daily or at least draw something
  • etc

Intentionally saying to myself “Let’s Do This!” is my Now moment, staying on track is hard. Find the time, no need to add extra hours at the day (you can’t anyway, we all have 24 hours).
“Now is better than never” from the Python Zen, motivates me to start somewhere, then, When is the time to invest on [blank]? Is Now!

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